Ban Fucking Everything

by Will & The Anchors

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it's raining cold and windy and i'm all out of coffee FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUCK do i really have to do i have to do i have to walk to the shop in this weather? the prices have gone up again four euros for a pack of coffee really? are you fucking serious? fucking twats! äääää!!
channel four: fuck you! i used to enjoy your shows but now you've crossed me for the last time BRING BACK DR. PHIL WHY DO YOU KEEP ON CHANGING ITS SHOWTIME FUCK!!! is it really such an awful show that it needs to be aired at two am fuckers gimme back my baldie!
my therapist told me i should try online dating but it leads to bad things like... you know... having to talk to people nope, nope, not gonna do that! i like my home it's warm there and i can even have a smoke on the balcony peace and quiet and stuff yeah
i did not know they make porn for kids but there you have it vampire softcore let that sink in a minute and then realize how fucked up this world is as if you could jack off to that i mean come on no cumshots, just some biting with tiny bits of blood no sweat and all is censored my disappointment is huge and i still have a boner life stinks
Lag Death 00:20
i need to check my emails and to listen to shit on youtube but this fucking thing keeps cutting me out i did not know a lag could hurt this deep right to the fucking soul
Itella Cunts 00:29
hey mister mailman what the fuck is up? you've been told to deliver the fucking parcel not just some slip of paper telling me to walk to the post office by myself my feet ache and the weather stinks and i haven't even showered i don't wanna get nasty glares so there you have it goddammit fuck off
to all the finnish tv-networks: why don't your chat programs have hosts anymore don't i deserve it? have i been bad? a bad, bad boy? coming home late at night and not wanting to sleep because why should i i'm unemployed anyway making tv my only saviour but there's nothing there absolutely fucking nothing you totally took the fun out of reading desperate date messages today i shall weep
hey, hey, hey, hey how about you shut the fuck up and fuck off? i'm trying to sleep over here goddammit! it's early morning yet you think it's awesome to wander around my backyard with that fucking leaf blower it's not a problem only in the autumn but in summer, too because of the lawn mowers keep ruining my sleep why the fuck do you hate me so?
everything should be forbidden and fucking banned you heard me fucking everything the news paper has sharp edges the cartoons fuck up the kids tv spits out lies and rumours it's all wrong, lies and boring sex can create kids and it's messy and not like you'd deserve to feel good anyway frankly, i think you suck wrap me in tinfoil and bury me dump me at the nearby swamp and as for christ, you can shove it


released December 5, 2013

Vocals : Sewer Rat
Guitar : W.Anker
Drums : Skunk-666

Coverart : Reimak / Jan Forsman


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W.Anker Finland

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